Payara Server Deployment Descriptor Files

Support of GlassFish deployment descriptors

Payara Server Community supports specifying deployment configuration using GlassFish deployment descriptor files.

Payara deployment descriptors

Additionally from version 5.183, payara-web.xml can be used instead of glassfish-web.xml. The top level element for the payara-web.xml file must be payara-web-app and the schema can be refererenced by:

<!DOCTYPE payara-web-app PUBLIC "-// Payara Server 4 Servlet 3.0//EN" "">

Since version 5.184

payara-resources.xml can also be used instead of glassfish-resources.xml. The schema can be referenced by:

<!DOCTYPE resources PUBLIC "-// Payara Server 4 Resource Definitions//EN" "">

See the schema reference for the list of deployment descriptor DTD files.

Allowed configuration elements

The following elements are supported in Payara Server on top of elements supported by GlassFish:


  • classloading-delegate

  • enable-implicit-cdi

  • default-role-mapping (property)

  • whitelist-package

  • scanning-exclude

  • scanning-include

glassfish-web.xml and payara-web.xml

  • container-initialized-enabled

  • default-role-mapping (property)

  • jaxrs-roles-allowed-enabled

  • scanning-exclude

  • scanning-include

  • jsp-config

  • whitelist-package


  • webservice-default-login-config

  • default-role-mapping (property)

  • enterprise-beans

    • ejb

      • ejb-name

      • clustered-bean

      • clustered-key-name

      • clustered-lock-type

      • clustered-attach-postconstruct

      • clustered-detach-predestroy


Since version 5.184

  • snapshot (property of transaction isolation, this isolation level is only supported by Microsoft SQL Server)

Since version 5.2020.5

  • log-jdbc-calls (attribute of jdbc-connection-pool)