Release Highlights

Our highlights for the 162 release are our new asadmin command recorder, Payara Server’s new ability to create uber jars and a new EAR scoped class loader.

The asadmin recorder feature will allow you view the commands you have run from the admin console. These can be used to investigate what the console is really doing or used in automation scripts.

Payara Micro now has --outputUberJar option that allows you to create easily distributed uber-jars from your war files.

EAR Scoped classloader that loads classes from within the EAR providing the ability to override server classes.

Payara Server and Payara Micro can now cluster together enabling new cluster topologies for cloud based and/or containerised deployments!

Updated Modules

This section details the modules that have been updated since the last release (

  • Guava 18.0

  • Weld 2.3.2.Final

  • Tyrus 1.12

  • hk2 2.4.0

  • Mojarra 2.2.13 * Grizzly 2.3.24 * Hazelcast 3.6.2

Fixed Issues

This section details the issues marked as bugs that have been fixed for this release.

Payara Fixes

This section details the fixes implemented by the Payara team or community.

Known Issues

Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here: