Enabling CDI Development Mode using asadmin

Enabling for a single application

The CDI Development Mode can be enabled for a single application with the deploy command. It’s enough to specify an additional property cdiDevModeEnabled=true with the --properties argument of the deploy command.

As an example, an application application.war will be deployed with CDI Development Mode using the following command:

asadmin> deploy --properties cdiDevModeEnabled=true myapplication.war

After you deploy the application, you should be able to see a message with "Weld Development Mode: ENABLED" in the server’s log file.

CDI Development Mode will be enabled only if the deployed application contains CDI beans or EJBs.

It’s also possible to use the same cdiDevModeEnabled property with the redeploy command to enable/disable CDI Development Mode on redeployment.

Enabling for all applications

The CDI Development Mode can be enabled also globally for all applications. This is configured by setting the system property org.jboss.weld.development to true with the create-system-properties asadmin command:

asadmin> create-system-properties org.jboss.weld.development=true

All applications deployed after this setting is applied will have CDI Development Mode enabled. To enable it for already deployed applications, it’s necessary to redeploy them or disable and then enable them. The latter can be done with the disable and enable asadmin commands, similar to the following:

asadmin> disable myapplication
asadmin> enable myapplication