Metrics Configuration in Payara Platform

On Payara Server, the MicroProfile Metrics service can be configured by using Admin Console or Asadmin commands.

Payara Micro doesn’t have a convenient solution for its MicroProfile Metrics service configuration yet.

Using the Admin Console

To configure the Metrics in the Admin Console, go to Configuration → [instance-configuration (like server-config)] → MicroProfile → Metrics:

Set Metrics Configuration

Using Asadmin Commands

Use the following commands to manipulate the configuration settings of the service:

Security Configuration Considerations

By default, the MicroProfile Metrics endpoint binds to the root context application which is the default-web-module (also known as docroot) system application and the default-web-module application, which is secured under the default realm (file) of the server domain.

If a user application is deployed in the empty context-root, then the security configuration of this application will be shared by the MicroProfile Metrics endpoint, so exert extreme caution when making these changes.