Cloud Connectors

The Payara Cloud Connectors are a collection of JCA adapters for use with various popular cloud messaging providers. These connectors can be deployed to either Payara Server or Payara Micro.

The following connectors are available:

Obtaining the connectors


Cloud Connectors are available in Binary form to Enterprise License users in the payara-enterprise-downloadable-artifacts repository.

The artifacts can be found in /fish/payara/cloud/connectors.

Building From Source

Cloud Connectors can be built from source as follows:

Clone the Cloud-Connectors git repository:

git clone

Build and install the connectors:

cd Cloud-Connectors/
mvn clean install

The connectors can be found in the following locations as JCA RARs:

  • Kafka - ./Kafka/KafkaRAR/target/kafka-rar-0.8.0.rar

  • Amazon SQS - ./AmazonSQS/AmazonSQSRAR/target/amazon-sqs-rar-2.1.0.rar

  • MQTT - ./MQTT/MQTTRAR/target/mqtt-rar-0.8.0.rar

  • Azure Service Bus - ./AzureServiceBus/AzureSBRAR/target/azure-sb-rar-0.8.0.rar

Installing a connector

Installing Cloud Connectors for Payara Server and Payara Micro both require the Cloud Connector jar to be deployed. However, Payara Server requires some additional configuration to classloading.

A connector (JCA rar) is installed by deploying it in the same way as an application archive (e.g. a .war) is deployed:

Payara Server

You can configure Payara Server through the Admin Console or through the Asadmin CLI.

Using the Admin Console

You can deploy the connector with the admin console;

Admin Console

Then configure the Connector Classloading Policy to Global in {config} > Connector Service > Connector Classloading Policy.

Classloading Config

This allows the classes from the cloud connector to be globally available in the server.

Using the Asadmin CLI

Deploy the application with the CLI;

asadmin> deploy --target=server amazon-sqs-rar.rar

Configure the classloading policy;

asadmin> set configs.config.server-config.connector-service.class-loading-policy=global

Payara Micro

java -jar payara-micro.jar --autobindhttp --deploy kafka-rar-0.8.0.rar

The connector is subsequently available to all other applications deployed to Payara Micro. An application using a connector and the connector itself can be deployed simultaneously:

java -jar payara-micro.jar --autobindhttp --deploy kafka-rar-0.8.0.rar --deploy myapp.war

Securing credentials

In the documentation pages for the currently available cloud connectors, much of the configuration shown is done via annotations. This configuration contains credentials as well, which as a rule of thumb should not directly be placed in code. On Payara all properties can be replaced via System properties using the syntax ${} or environment variables using the syntax ${} or password aliases using the syntax ${}.