Payara VS Code Extension

The Payara VS Code extension enables Payara Server and Payara Micro integration with Visual Studio Code. The Payara Tools extension is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Prerequisites for Payara Tools on VS Code

The Java Extension Pack, by Microsoft must be installed first.

If you are using Maven or Gradle as the build tool in your project, the MAVEN_HOME or GRADLE_HOME environment variables must be set respectively.

Installing the Payara VS Code Extension

  1. Open the Extensions panel on the left-most menu of the editor (Ctrl + Shift + X)

  2. Search for the Payara Tools extension.

  3. Click the Install button.

Visual Studio Marketplace

Payara Platform Tools

  • Payara Server - The Payara VS Code extension enables developers to easily configure Payara Server and manage applications from Visual Studio Code.

  • Payara Micro - The Payara VS Code extension provides first-class support to create and run Payara Micro maven web applications from VS Code. Payara Micro is the microservices-ready version of the Payara Server.