Release notes - Payara Platform Enterprise 5.54.0

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • Jakarta EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 4.1

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-6773] Error while removing application reference from deployment group

  • [FISH-7273] Fix Incorrect 'imqcmd' calculations for the number of consumers after cluster restart

  • [FISH-7451] [Community Contribution - Thehpi] Fix for DataSource.getConnection() blows up on transaction with wrong status

  • [FISH-7528] Staged upgrade from Payara 5 to Payara 6 fail after moving osgi-cache

  • [FISH-7563] First Attempt to Start Instance Fails After Payara 5 to Payara 6 Upgrade on Windows

  • [FISH-7635] Hazelcast Enterprise License Field Not Big Enough

  • [FISH-7665] Cannot Start Payara Server on 11.0.20 or 17.0.8

Component Upgrades

  • [FISH-7662] Update Docker Image JDK Versions to 11.0.20 & 17.0.8

  • [FISH-7664] Update Docker Image JDK Version to 8u382