Installing gRPC Server Support Module

You need to download the following artifact from enterprise nexus repository: .

You must have an active Payara Enterprise subscription to access this Nexus repository.

This is the reference of the artifact to download:


To download the artifact use the following command:

mvn dependency:get -DrepoUrl=
-Dartifact=fish.payara.extensions.grpc:grpc-support:1.0.0 -Dpackaging=jar -Dclasifier=sources -Ddest=.

The previous command will download the JAR file to the current folder, then you need to drop the JAR into the ${PAYARA_HOME}/glassfish/modules directory of your Payara Server Installation.

cp grpc-support-1.0.0.jar ${PAYARA_HOME}/glassfish/modules

Restart the domain and any running instances to enable the module.