JCA Support in Payara Micro

Payara Micro supports the deployment of Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) adapters which can enable communication with external services not natively supported by Payara Micro.

These can include JMS brokers, cloud messaging providers like Amazon SQS or existing legacy systems. In the case of JMS, for example, Payara Micro can be used for both inbound and outbound messaging to a JMS broker using a standard Message Driven Bean (MDB) and can therefore take advantage of pooling behaviour available to all types of EJB.

Installing a JCA Adapter

A JCA Resource Archive (RAR) is installed by deploying it to Payara Micro in the same way as an application archive (e.g. a WAR) is deployed. The following shows an example using an ActiveMQ (JMS 1.1) RAR:

java -jar payara-micro.jar --deploy activemq-rar-5.14.5.rar

The connector is subsequently available to all other applications deployed to Payara Micro. An application using a connector and the connector itself can be deployed simultaneously:

java -jar payara-micro.jar --deploy activemq-rar-5.14.5.rar --deploy myapp.war
When deploying multiple files to Payara Micro, the order of --deploy options is respected so, in the above example, the ActiveMQ RAR will be deployed before the myapp.war application.