Payara Server Upgrade Tool

Can be installed manually to Payara Platform 5.20.0 and newer.

This tool can be used to upgrade a Payara Server installation to a newer version. The Upgrade Tool is bundled in Payara Server versions from version 5.24.0. It can also be obtained from Payara Nexus as the payara-upgrade-tool artifact (groupId: fish.payara.extras, artifactId: payara-upgrade-tool). If obtained from the Payara Nexus, drop the JAR artifact into your Payara Server installation under payara5/glassfish/lib/asadmin. The version 1.0 of the standalone upgrade tool can be installed into Payara Server Enterprise 5.20.0 or newer and supports upgrading to any newer Payara Server Enterprise version.

This feature is currently released as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and will be gradually getting additional enhancements in future Payara Enterprise releases.
The update tool is not currently supported on Windows yet.

Upgrade Server Command


asadmin> upgrade-server


This command can be used to upgrade Payara Server to the specified distribution along with all SSH nodes in the domain.xml. The command will also back up the old version and domains in the default location (payara5/glassfish/domains) to allow for rolling back. The command can also be used to downgrade to an older Payara version although this is not encouraged.

Command Options

Option Type Description Default Mandatory



The username for the Payara Nexus server.




Specifies the version number of the new version of Payara to use.




Specifies the distribution of Payara Server to download. This can payara, payara-web, payara-ml, or payara-web-ml.




This example upgrades a Payara Web distribution to version 5.24.1

asadmin> upgrade-server --username example-user --distribution web --verson 5.24.1

Rollback Server Command


asadmin> rollback-server


This command can be used to rollback Payara Server to the point before the upgrade-server command was run. The backup of the domain is not restored automatically. If you need that, you should perform a restore-domain command manually pointing to the ZIP created during the upgrade-server process under $domaindir/backups (e.g. payara5/glassfish/domains/domain1/backups).