Monitoring Payara Server

Monitoring is critically important for successfully running any online presence for many reasons. There are a large number of solutions for monitoring which can address these needs, from Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, which can help diagnose the health of an application to more traditional infrastructure monitoring tools.

For Java applications, Java Management Extensions (JMX) has been an accepted standard for publishing metrics for a very long time. Since JMX has been around for so long, there is very wide support in tooling. Despite being widely available, however, JMX has not always been very widely used. Because of this, it is not always obvious or straightforward to consume JMX metrics with a given tool.

These guides aim to give an overview of monitoring Payara Server Enterprise with JMX. As new guides get added, this section will include:

How do I enable JMX monitoring in Payara Server?

Before anything else, we need to know how to enable JMX monitoring and get familiarised with the concepts involved.

What MBean metrics should I monitor?

Once monitoring data is enabled through JMX in Payara Server Enterprise, the next important step is to understand which MBeans are most important, and which metrics from each MBean can give the most useful information.

How can I consume JMX monitoring data from Payara Server?

After a selection of relevant metrics have been chosen, they will need to be imported to a monitoring tool for graphing purposes.

Additional monitoring guides can be found on our website, Maintenance and Monitoring Guides.