Release notes - Payara Platform Community 6.2023.7

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 10

  • Jakarta EE 10 Applications

  • MicroProfile 6.0

Known Issue

Hazelcast Warning

  • The Hazelcast 5.3.1 upgrade adds socket options for per-socket keep-alive configuration. When running Payara on Windows, this version of Hazelcast throws a warning in the server logs, similar to this: "Ignoring TCP_KEEPCOUNT. It seems your JDK does not support on this OS. Try upgrading to the latest JDK or check with your JDK vendor.Alternatively, on Linux, configure tcp_keepalive_probes in the kernel (affecting default keep-alive configuration for all sockets): For more info see [keep alive]. If this isn’t dealt with, idle connections could be closed prematurely." This is a Hazelcast known issue that is documented [here].


  • [FISH-1419] [Community Contribution - lprimak] Hazelcast Partition Group according to Instance Group

  • [FISH-7480] Reduce Duplication in POMs & BOMs

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-6291] Data synchronization issue in a @Clustered @Singleton

  • [FISH-7426] Fix MicroProfile Config Cache Performance Degradation

  • [FISH-7452] Cannot Start Instance After Payara 5 to Payara 6 Upgrade

  • [FISH-7453] Cannot Create an Instance After Payara 5 to Payara 6 Upgrade

  • [FISH-7462] Remote EJB Calls not working in JDK 11

Component Upgrades