SQL Trace Listeners in Payara Micro

Payara Micro also supports SQL Trace Listeners which brings powerful operational diagnostics to your microservices platform.

Adding a SQL Trace Listener

To add a SQL Trace Listener to your data source used by applications deployed on Payara Micro, you can use the annotation or deployment descriptor methods described below.

Application Deployment

In Java EE 7+ applications, a JDBC data source can be deployed by adding the @DataSourceDefinition annotation to a managed component (like and @Stateless EJB bean for example). SQL Trace Listener classes can be configured using this annotation, like in the following example:

    name = "java:app/MyApp/MyDS",
    className = "org.h2.jdbcx.JdbcDataSource",
    url = "jdbc:h2:mem:test",
    properties = {"fish.payara.sql-trace-listeners=fish.payara.examples.payaramicro.datasource.example.CustomSQLTracer"})

The Data source definition can also be added to a deployment descriptor of an application, for example in the web.xml standard deployment descriptor:

    <!-- Example of how to use a Payara specific custom connection pool setting -->