REST Endpoint

MicroProfile Metrics specifies that all metrics are published at the endpoint /metrics. For both Payara Server and Payara Micro, this means that the endpoint can be found on the HTTP port (default 8080). By visiting these endpoints in a browser, the Prometheus text format can be viewed directly.

Metric Scopes

The Metrics specification defines three Scopes, Base, Vendor and Application which correspond to the following purposes:


Base metrics are mandatory for all implementations to provide. This is so that there is a predictable baseline of metrics which will be available on any MicroProfile implementation.

These metrics can be accessed under /metrics/base.


Vendor metrics are specific to each implementation and are intended to offer metrics which are unique to each vendor.

These metrics can be accessed under /metrics/vendor.


Application metrics are reserved for those metrics which are to be exposed from the application by using the developer API.

These metrics can be accessed under /metrics/application.