Payara Server 5.183 Release Notes

Release Highlights

  • Complete MicroProfile 2.0 support including updates to:

    • OpenTracing

    • OpenAPI

    • Fault Tolerance

  • OpenID Connect connector

  • Admin Console Changes/Improvements:

    • Ordered config tree

    • New MicroProfile pages

  • Payara-specific Deployment Descriptor payara-web.xml

Important Information

  • Minimum Required JDK version is 8u162.

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 2.0 (in v5.183) / 1.4 (in v4.1.2.183)

New Features


  • PAYARA-2560 - Redesign set-monitoring-configuration asadmin command

  • PAYARA-2722 - Notifiers can be made less noisy

  • PAYARA-2733 - Add reasonable default timeouts for Jersey client

  • PAYARA-2763 - Translate Payara only feature to Spanish

  • PAYARA-2828 - Add rotation on file size options on Access logging

  • PAYARA-2843 - Add Logging format options to Payara Notification Logger

  • PAYARA-2861 - Allow Setting of Public Address for Hazelcast Cluster Node

  • PAYARA-2871 - Improve listing batch jobs memory usage in admin console

  • PAYARA-2889 - Defer Open API scanning to when the /openapi endpoint is first accessed

  • PAYARA-2904 - Remove invalid files from bin directory

  • PAYARA-2961 - Configurations tree view doesn’t list in alphabetically order

  • PAYARA-2966 - Filter healthcheck-list-services and notifier-list-services in default Asadmin recorder config

Bug Fixes

  • PAYARA-1987 - When using the Admin Console, create-password-alias fails on remote instances

  • PAYARA-2491 - Jersey Bean Validator fails to inject Weld managed beans

  • PAYARA-2635 - HTTP 500 error is thrown when trying to sort instances using node.

  • PAYARA-2694 - Login page for the Admin Console does not use the new styling

  • PAYARA-2724 - Wrong error message when injecting a custom JNDI resource with no defined value

  • PAYARA-2732 - JDBC Connection Pool Flush fails on clustered environment

  • PAYARA-2775 - MP Metrics support for @Stateless JAX-RS resource

  • PAYARA-2784 - Session passivation not working for session file persistence type

  • PAYARA-2788 - Changing port for an non-admin http listener doesn’t work for set-network-listener command

  • PAYARA-2821 - HealthCheck checks send multiple notifications when a new notifier is added

  • PAYARA-2822 - Access logs are not being purged

  • PAYARA-2824 - CDI event bus notifier doesn’t deliver events

  • PAYARA-2827 - Postboot Command File Parsing Error

  • PAYARA-2830 - StackOverflow error in OpenAPI module

  • PAYARA-2831 - Grizzly Doesn’t Recover From High CPU Load

  • PAYARA-2835 - Client cannot find a secured EJB when running on the same host as the backend

  • PAYARA-2846 - StackOverflowException in OpenAPI

  • PAYARA-2848 - Concurrent Modification Exception in parseBeansXML

  • PAYARA-2849 - PrometheusExporter for MP metrics conversion error

  • PAYARA-2860 - Cannot reorder JVM options table in admin console

  • PAYARA-2863 - Metrics endpoint displays internal error in case an invalid metric is defined

  • PAYARA-2868 - Duplicate metrics validation

  • PAYARA-2869 - StackTrace Split into Multiple Log Records

  • PAYARA-2870 - Log Formatter Isn’t Used for ConsoleHandler

  • PAYARA-2874 - Enabling Security Manager Causes Log Errors

  • PAYARA-2878 - Applications aren’t Deployed to an Instance with Autobinding Enabled

  • PAYARA-2880 - Unsupported operation at Microprofile Config

  • PAYARA-2881 - Recursive annotations cannot be deployed with JPA on Payara 5

  • PAYARA-2891 - JMS deployment failure in cluster

  • PAYARA-2892 - HTTP/2 memory leak

  • PAYARA-2894 - OpenAPI picks up internal applications when you restart the server.

  • PAYARA-2895 - Payara Micro Experiences Classloading Errors

  • PAYARA-2910 - RuntimeException in Admin Console JVM Options for New Configuration

  • PAYARA-2911 - Can’t set description for JMX Monitoring attributes

  • PAYARA-2920 - OpenAPI has Hardcoded 8080 Port

  • PAYARA-2921 - OpenTracing Swallows StackTraces

  • PAYARA-2923 - IllegalStateException when Running Jax-Rs applications with Request Tracing Enabled

  • PAYARA-2924 - NPE on EE7 Sample Jax-Rs Async-Server when Request Tracing is Enabled

  • PAYARA-2925 - Background for admin console in IE is wrong colour

  • PAYARA-2926 - Cookie session persistence type does not throw exception after maxSessions reached

  • PAYARA-2929 - Batch RuntimeConfiguration has wrong target

  • PAYARA-2953 - Payara Micro Arquillian Container Doesn’t Use Java Home

  • PAYARA-2960 - Wrong TLS Protocol Settings for IIOP Listeners

  • PAYARA-2962 - Missing String ConfigProperty should cause DeploymentException

  • PAYARA-3024 - IllegalArgumentException when trying to get a ChronoUnit using MP Config getOptionalValue

  • PAYARA-3027 - When creating a new stand alone instance the HTTP ports are displayed incorrectly

  • PAYARA-3029 - Can not create a new ssh node which is not on the default SSH port

Fixes for upstream bugs

These defects are most probably present also in the upstream GlassFish Server version.

  • PAYARA-2931 - Memory Leak caused by PersistentManager component when enabling file-type session persistence

  • PAYARA-2941 - AJP NullPointerException

  • PAYARA-2956 - Don’t log warnings when only checking if CDI bean is also JAX-RS resource

Component Upgrades