Disabling the Phone Home

The phone home service is enabled by default when starting a Payara Server or Payara Micro. The phone home service can easily disabled in four different ways.

Removing service module

  1. Navigate to the ${PAYARA_INSTALL_DIR}/glassfish/modules directory

  2. Delete the phonehome-bootstrap.jar module.

Using an asadmin command

  1. Run the command: asadmin disable-phome-home.

  2. Restart the server to apply the change.

Update the domain.xml configuration file

  1. Open domain.xml with a text editor

  2. Find the tag <config name="server-config">

  3. Within that tag, add the following tag: <phone-home-runtime-configuration enabled="false"/>

Disable service for Payara Micro

When starting Payara Micro the Phone Home Service can be disabled with the command-line argument --disablephonehome:

java -jar payara-micro.jar --disablephonehome