Notification Service

Since Payara Server

Payara Server Community comes with a general Notification service in order to log events which come from other services, such as the JMX Monitoring Service, the HealthCheck service or the Request Tracing service.

The Notification service provides the ability to disseminate notification events through various channels that are being created by other services. This service is provided with a number of configurable notifiers, the default being a log notification mechanism which can be seen in the following domain.xml snippet:

<notification-service-configuration enabled="true">
    <log-notifier-configuration enabled="true" />

The main configuration tag notification-service-configuration has only one attribute: enabled, which can be set to either true or false. This provides the ability to globally enable or disable all configured notifiers.

The <log-notifier-configuration> tag registers a log notifier to the pub-sub model of the notification service where it subscribes to each log notification event that would get published by another service.

The Notification service can be configured through the admin console:

Notification Service General Configuration