Release notes - Payara Platform Enterprise 6.0.0

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 10

  • Jakarta EE 10 Applications

  • MicroProfile 6.0

Known Issues

ASM Warning

When deploying an application that contains a Java Record, there is a warning logged in the server logs about Records not being supported. No worries. Your application will deploy and work. This is a known issue that is being looked into.

Breaking Changes

Minimum Required JDK

The minimum required JDK to run this and subsequent releases of this stream is 11.0.12

JakartaEE 10

Jakarta EE 10 is a major release with backwards incompatible changes, the major one being the javax to jakarta package refactoring. This major change affects all Jakarta EE 8 and below applications.

MicroProfile 6

MicroProfile 6 introduced some breaking changes that you should be aware of.


  • [FISH-7206] Update the REST SSL Alias Extension for Payara 6

  • [FISH-1366] Upgrade cacerts.jks and keystore.jks to pkcs12

  • [FISH-6634] Make Notifiers Payara 6 Compatible

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-6479] SLF4J API fails to load an implementation

  • [FISH-7016] Server Instances Zombie When Port Conflicts Are Detected During Startup

  • [FISH-7076] Malformed SQL when using SecondaryTable & PrimaryKeyJoinColumn annotations

  • [FISH-7077] Deploy and redeploy using local packaged file not working

  • [FISH-5981] 'java.lang.LinkageError' in Payara 5.2021.10 when using Apache Santuario and SLF4J/Logback

Component Upgrades

  • [FISH-7168] Upgrade SNMP4J in the SNMP Notifier to 3.7.5

  • [FISH-7153] Upgrade Docker Image JDK 11 Version to 11.0.18

  • [FISH-7155] Upgrade Docker Image JDK 17 Version to 17.0.6