Log Notifier

The log notifier is the only notifier that is enabled by default when the notification service is activated.

The default output for the log notifier is the configured instance log file, which is either the server.log file or cluster.log file, depending on the instance configuration.

The log notifier only handles the output of notifications from the notification service sent to the log and is not responsible for any other log output - more details on Payara Server logging can be found on the logging page.


By default, the log notifier will receive notifications from the notification service and output them to the configured logs when activated.

Payara Configuration

Because the log notifier is the default notifier for the notification service it can be configured on the same page as the notification service, as shown in the image below: log-notifier

For any new domain, the notification service will be disabled by default. It can be enabled through the admin console as shown above, or via asadmin commands.

To configure the log notifier through the asadmin tool, use the set-log-notifier-configuration subcommand:


     Usage: set-log-notifier-configuration


For example:

asadmin> set-log-notifier-configuration --enabled=true --dynamic=true

More details on specific commands for the notification service can be found on the notification service page.

Log Configuration

To get the current configuration of the log notifier, run the following command:

asadmin> get-log-notifier-configuration