Concurrent CDI Bean Loading

It is possible to concurrently load CDI beans and potentially speed up an application’s load time by enabling Weld’s Multi-Threaded Bean Loading feature.

By default this feature is disabled for all applications on Payara Server, and enabled for all applications on Payara Micro.

Enable Concurrent CDI Bean Loading

Concurrent CDI bean loading is configured on a per-configuration basis using the set on the cdi-service.enable-concurrent-deployment property like this:

asadmin set configs.config.server-config.cdi-service.enable-concurrent-deployment=true

It is possible to configure the number of pre-loader threads like this:

asadmin set configs.config.server-config.cdi-service.pre-loader-thread-pool-size=4

When configuring the number of the pre-loader threads, use a sensible value that is consistent with the number of CPU cores available for the server instance, otherwise this setting may introduce performance degradation on the deployment times.

Concurrent deployment of CDI Beans is enabled by default with 2 pre-loader threads in Payara Micro.
There are no equivalent configuration views for these commands in the Web admin console. They’ll be reserved for a future release