Viewing Data Grid Members

This section details how to visualize the members of the Domain Data Grid on Payara Server Enterprise.

Viewing Data Grid Members from the Admin Console

To view data grid members from the admin console:

Viewing from the DAS

Selected the Data Grid tree node under the Domain and Select the "Data Grid Instances" tab.

Domain Cluster Members

Viewing Cluster Members via asadmin

To view the current cluster members from the command line, run one of the following asadmin commands:

asadmin> list-hazelcast-members
{ server-/ }

asadmin> list-hazelcast-cluster-members
Instance Name  Instance Group  Instance Type  Host Name  HTTP Ports  HTTPS Ports  Admin Port  Hazelcast Port  Lite Member  Deployed Applications  Last Hearbeat
server         server-config   DAS    8080        8181         4848        5900            false        __admingui             2019-03-05 09:25:42

Since 5.191, a "Last Heartbeat" field will also be shown (pictured above), displaying the date and time that the DAS last received a heartbeat pulse from a Payara Server or Payara Micro instance. This heartbeat should refresh every 5 seconds.