Release Notes - Payara Platform Enterprise 5.32.0

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 4.1

Breaking Changes

Hazelcast 4 Upgrade

Since this Enterprise version contains an upgraded version of Hazelcast, there is no rolling upgrade possible due to the changes within Hazelcast. A domain or set of Payara Micro instances having a mixture of Hazelcast 3.x and Hazelcast 4.x results in errors.

Since the Cluster Password is no longer supported on Hazelcast, the asadmin command set-hazelcast-configuration no longer has the optional --clusterPassword option.

Payara Nexus Repository Changes

The structure of our Payara Nexus server has changed. This means that you might need to change the URLs pointing to the repository in your repository manager, CI environment, or development environment if you make use of the payara-enterprise repository. You can read more details about the change and the new structure in our knowledge base article; Payara Nexus repository changes after October 18th 2021.


[FISH-5782] Change the Default Nexus Repository in the Upgrade Tool to the New URL

[FISH-5686] Log Warning When Not Running on a Supported LTS JDK Version

[FISH-5658] Add Placeholder for Instance Names in Custom Vendor Metrics

[FISH-5645] Add Validity Checks on Client Certificates in the Trust Store

[FISH-5636] Performance Optimizations to Remote EJB Tracing Feature

[FISH-1213] Remove "Data Grid Group Password" as no Longer Used with Hazelcast 4.x

[FISH-376] Allow Configuration Details of HTTP GZIP Compression

[FISH-146] Improvement of the Behaviour of DAS When 'admin port' is Changed for a Running Instance

Security Fixes

[FISH-5697] Upgrade H2 Database Engine to 1.4.200

Bug Fixes

[FISH-5783] 'cleanupUpgrade.bat' Cannot Find 'checkCurrentPresent'

[FISH-5736] Fix Unknown Exclude Field Provided Warning on Startup

[FISH-5734] Recursive Update Exception when Reading a MicroProfile Config Value After Server Restart

[FISH-5724] Deployment Failure Due to 'The Lifecycle Method [postConstruct] Must Not Throw a Checked Exception'

[FISH-5675] (Community Contribution - phillipross) Full State Saving with Mojarra Results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

[FISH-796] Fix Clustered Singleton Bugs / Add Tests

[FISH-790] Refactor, Fix Bugs and Make Immutable JavaEEContextUtil

[FISH-470] NullPointerException When Deploying MDB into a Customized MDB Pool

[FISH-447] Fix Websocket TCK Failure Relating to HTTP/2

Component Upgrades

[FISH-5776] Upgrade to Mojarra 2.3.14.payara-p3

[FISH-5698] Upgrade Apache Commons IO to Version 2.11

[FISH-858] Upgrade Hazelcast 4.1 > 4.2 with Tenant Control

[FISH-791] Upgrade to Hazelcast 4

[FISH-261] Upgrade 'tini' to 0.19.0 in Docker Images