JDBC Connection Features

Specific features related to the use of JDBC Connections. This page has an overview of some of those features. For more detailed information about them and about other features related to JDBC Connections, look into the respective subpages.

JDBC Connection Validation Changes

See the JDBC Connection Validation page in the for information on changes between GlassFish Server and Payara Server’s JDBC Connection Validation.

Advanced JDBC Configuration and Diagnostics

Payara Server Enterprise and Payara Micro Enterprise comes integrated with new capabilities for advanced JDBC connection pool configuration and diagnostics.

Many performance problems in Enterprise Applications can be traced to slow database access or database connectivity problems. To help prevent and diagnose database access problems new powerful features have been introduced.

Slow SQL Logging

Connection pools can be configured to log a warning whenever a database query exceeds a defined threshold. This enables your operations team to rapidly diagnose performance problems and identify poorly performing SQL.

See Slow-SQL-Logger for detailed information.

Full JDBC Tracing

Connection pools can be configured to log all JDBC calls made to the connection pool including the SQL statements and its execution time of the call. This is especially useful in development to understand the SQL generated via frameworks like JPA and see what the performance characteristics look like. As the tracing is done at the connection pool level all direct SQL or other data access technologies are captured.

See Log-JDBC-Calls for detailed information.

SQL Trace Listeners

It is also possible to use the Payara Server APIs used to implement both the Payara Server Slow SQL Logging and JDBC tracing capabilities to create custom diagnostic and tracing functionality via SQL Trace Listeners.

See SQL Trace Listeners for detailed Information.

Advanced Connection pool Configuration Properties

All connection pool properties available on the administration console for Payara Server global data sources can now be configured on application scoped data sources deployed via deployment descriptors or annotations.

See Advanced Connection Pool Properties for detailed information.