Payara Server Community captures information about events that occur and records this information using its logging mechanism into log files.

In a Payara Server domain, the information is logged into the following files by default:

Instance Log File Name and Location

Domain Admin Server (DAS)


Standalone server instance


Cluster instance


If an instance is started using -verbose option, the instance keeps running in the foreground and also logs information into the console.

Payara Server uses Java Logging (JUL) to format and output log records. The default configuration file is domain-dir/config/logging.properties.

Logging can be configured by asadmin commands (set-log-attributes, set-log-file-format, set-log-levels, delete-log-levels, …​). It can also be configured in Web Admin Console, in Configurations, under the section Logger Settings - as on the following picture:

Logger Settings

Daily log rotation
Documentation about daily log rotation in Payara and how to configure it.

Environment Variable Replacement

Since version 5.184

The logging properties file supports environment variables like


Whenever the server starts up or the logging properties are changed, the value for the .level property will be taken from the environment variable logLevel.