Eclipse MicroProfile Health Check API

Since Payara Server and 5.181

Provided version of the API: MicroProfile Health Check 1.0


The Health Check API was created to allow easier probing of the state of computing nodes with a cloud infrastructure environment.

A full overview for the reasoning behind the API can be found in the README for the source code repository.

The complete specification is maintained in the same repository.

REST Endpoint

The MicroProfile Healthchecks API defines that a REST endpoint are available from the root context at /health by default, and that upon invocation all registered health checks are performed and the results aggregated.

This endpoint can be altered using the set-microprofile-healthcheck-configuration asadmin command to prevent collisions with other HTTP endpoints that might need to use the health context root.

This endpoint will not be available until at least one application has been deployed.

Health Check Configuration

Health Check can be configured by using Admin Console or Asadmin commands.

Since 5.183 

Using the Admin Console

To configure the Health Check in the Admin Console, go to Configuration → [instance-configuration (like server-config)] → MicroProfile → Health Check:

Set Health Check Configuration

Using Asadmin Commands

The following administration commands can be used to configure the MicroProfile Healthcheck service:


Since Payara Server and 5.182


asadmin set-microprofile-healthcheck-configuration --enabled=<true|false> --endpoint=<context-root> --target=<target[default:server]>


Enables or disables the MicroProfile healthcheck service and configures the endpoint where all registered health checks are exposed.

Command Options
Option Description Default Mandatory


Enables or disables the service




The context root used to expose the health checks endpoint.




The target configuration where the command should be run




If defined, the '/health' endpoint will be assigned to the list of virtual servers specified as a comma-separated list of names. Otherwise, the endpoint will be assigned to all virtual servers available. Since Payara Server and 5.184



Changes made with this command will only be applied when the server or instance is restarted.