Payara Server Release Notes

This version is distributed only to Payara Enterprise customers

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 7 Applications

  • MicroProfile 1.3

New Features

  • PAYARA-635 - Autocomplete Asadmin Commands

  • PAYARA-2479 - New Health Check checker to report status from MP Health Check endpoints

  • PAYARA-2627 - Allow using different security providers via JCE API

  • PAYARA-2901 - Improve template placeholder replacements for custom MP metrics

  • PAYARA-3004 - Configure virtual servers for MP endpoints

  • PAYARA-3106 - Create payara-resources.xml functionality


  • PAYARA-2417 - Allow the DAS to control the lifecycle of Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-2539 - Metrics Service init takes significant boot time

  • PAYARA-2844 - Move Payara Notification Logger Settings to its own page

  • PAYARA-2905 - Prevent creation of databases used for Timer Service when only non-persistent timers are present

  • PAYARA-3040 - Allow the user to configure custom isolation levels in JDBC connection pools

  • PAYARA-3061 - Cleanup of nucleus/admin/server-mgmt

  • PAYARA-3062 - Support Mysql/ConnectorJ 8

  • PAYARA-3090 - Supply Basic authentication for additionalrepository CLI option of Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-3105 - Make MinIdleSwap and MaxIdleSwap configurable

  • PAYARA-3117 - Warning message "Tried to deregister non-existent thread" incorrectly shown when using Proxied Runnables

  • PAYARA-3134 - Add help text on MicroProfile Config property

  • PAYARA-3159 - Creation of config parameters on MicroProfile page of WebConsole is wrong

  • PAYARA-3242 - Add MicroProfile Healthcheck Checker to Server Tab

Bug Fixes

  • PAYARA-3157 - The resource type of a JDBC connection pool can’t be changed in the second step of creation

  • PAYARA-2791 - Mojarra @ViewScope Incorrect Handling

  • PAYARA-2837 - OpenAPI Incorrect Collection Merging

  • PAYARA-2912 - Jbatch broken with PostgreSQL

  • PAYARA-2938 - MP Metrics returns 0 for a custom CPU load metric

  • PAYARA-2940 - Browser request administrator credentials again when accessing the support portal on the admin console

  • PAYARA-2975 - 'metrics.xml' parsed and metadata re-registered on every call to '/metrics' endpoint

  • PAYARA-3046 - Listing Cache Keys not working

  • PAYARA-3059 - SQLTraceDelegator should use Concurrent HashMap

  • PAYARA-3068 - MP Healthcheck fails if no name is supplied

  • PAYARA-3070 - Hazelcast incorrectly listed above EJB Container in alphabetical list

  • PAYARA-3075 - Rework Fault Tolerance so that Bulkhead and CircuitBreaker are tied to instances instead of applications

  • PAYARA-3085 - OpenAPI Doesn’t Support @…​Param Annotated Fields

  • PAYARA-3094 - There is no help text for MaxSessions in the admin console

  • PAYARA-3098 - delete-domain can run even when domain is currently running

  • PAYARA-3102 - Asadmin does not work correctly with multiple admin users

  • PAYARA-3110 - CDI Session beans throw errors when stored

  • PAYARA-3114 - Concurrent Modification Exception when trying to access an active span programmatically.

  • PAYARA-3116 - OpenAPI Fails When Jersey Providers Are Registered

  • PAYARA-3122 - Managed Scheduled Executor Service still executes tasks after undeployment

  • PAYARA-3125 - OpenTracing ExceptionMapper prevents usage of app provided one

  • PAYARA-3126 - OpenAPI Fails When Custom Operation Annotation is Used

  • PAYARA-3128 - Secure Protocols not being disabled correctly for ORB listeners

  • PAYARA-3131 - Clicking Cancel button on Configuration Properties page causes an error

  • PAYARA-3139 - IndexOutOfBoundException when retrieving Request Traces

  • PAYARA-3140 - NullPointerException when using the LogNotifier for writing out Request Tracing

  • PAYARA-3145 - NPE in isSlowQueryLoggingEnabled

  • PAYARA-3153 - OpenAPI doesn’t support child schema on @…​Param annotations

  • PAYARA-3155 - @…​Param annotations doesn’t support @DefaultValue annotations on OpenAPI

  • PAYARA-3158 - NPE when starting asadmin multimode tool when DAS isn’t accessible

  • PAYARA-3166 - Create file user operation fails when replicating commands to instances in deployment group

  • PAYARA-3171 - A custom KeyStore for SSL Http Listener isn’t applied

  • PAYARA-3199 - NPE in MicroProfile Metrics on Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-3203 - MP OpenAPI @Operation deprecated member ignored

  • PAYARA-3212 - CDI Extensions are registered many times in large EAR deployments

  • PAYARA-3225 - Location Header Not Present with WebApplicationException

Component Upgrades

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