Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 3.2

  • Jakarta EE 8 Applications


Derby Database has been removed from the Payara Platform in this release - keep this in mind when upgrading from a previous version in the case that you have been making use of the Derby Database implementation in production previously

New Feature

  • [APPSERV-11] - Add Monitoring Console support for reporting healthchecks values

  • [APPSERV-14] - Add Monitoring Console support for identifying slow SQL queries

  • [APPSERV-16] - Add support for encrypting data inside the domain data grid.

  • [APPSERV-19] - Add Monitoring Console Support for Hogging and Stuck Thread Health Checks

  • [APPSERV-47] - Add user defined watches to monitoring console

Bug Fixes

  • [APPSERV-30] - Exception when Adding an Instance to a Deployment Group with an Application Deployed

  • [APPSERV-40] - NPE on starting Payara Micro in JobCleanUpService

  • [APPSERV-87] - Auto-generated name contains a Space

  • [CUSTCOM-13] - A REST management DELETE command returns 415 code instead of 404

  • [CUSTCOM-24] - Persistent EJB Timers are not restored on restart of a Payara Micro instance

  • [CUSTCOM-27] - Steady pool size should allow zero [Community Contribution - sergitrujillo]

  • [CUSTCOM-53] - Wrong error message when a JDBC pool with size 0 is created.

  • [CUSTCOM-54] - NullPointerException when JMX attribute is null within the rest-monitoring endpoint

  • [CUSTCOM-56] - Production domain.xml in Payara Web Profile is unparseable [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-70] - JAX-RS client request with payara-embedded raises IllegalStateException for RequestTracingService run level

  • [CUSTCOM-71] - Multiple realm identity store annotations are ignored

  • [CUSTCOM-75] - Problem in Payara 5.194 setting port overrides via configuration > system properties resets other overrides

  • [CUSTCOM-76] - Incorrect thread synchronization in WebappClassLoader

  • [CUSTCOM-78] - Redeployment on deployment groups is broken

  • [CUSTCOM-83] - Grizzly Infinite Loop Causing CPU Hogging

  • [CUSTCOM-109] - SendAsadminCommand throws NPE if there are no explicit targets

  • [CUSTCOM-135] - Domain Startup Failure on slow or busy environments

  • [CUSTCOM-142] - Unable to use delete-jvm-options on option with min/max version defined.

  • [CUSTCOM-144] - NPE in FilterDefDecorator [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-165] - JDK11 prints warning about illegal access to private field props of the LogManager

  • [CUSTCOM-167] - Code cleanup - removed unused cycles [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-168] - OpenID Connect: Fixed simultaneous redirects and invalidation of session [Community Contribution - parysto]

  • [CUSTCOM-171] - BlockingQueueHandler throws ClassCastException [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-174] - NPE on EJBException.addSuppressed() within EJBContainerTransactionManager

  • [CUSTCOM-181] - Remove unused method with potential ClassCastException [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-195] - Building of domain module fail when port 7676 is in use

  • [CUSTCOM-198] - OpenAPI document generation ignores @Schema(ref) value [Community Contribution - pscheidl]

  • [CUSTCOM-199] - REST Management Interface Can’t Be Invoked With JSON Request

  • [CUSTCOM-200] - Unused timer var in HazelcastTimerStore.cancelTimersByKey [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-203] - OpenAPI Incorrect $ref Field with Custom Schema Name [Community Contribution - pscheidl]

  • [CUSTCOM-204] - Incorrect TreeSet Comparator Implementation [Community Contribution - pscheidl]


  • [APPSERV-12] - Change Request Tracing Store Configuration from per Instance to per Cluster

  • [APPSERV-15] - Simplify JMX monitoring and Jolokia configuration

  • [APPSERV-18] - forceName needed for redeployment when deployment descriptor does not specify name

  • [APPSERV-22] - Remove Derby from Payara 5

  • [APPSERV-27] - Allow Temp Docker Nodes to Join a Deployment Group on Creation

  • [CUSTCOM-81] - Debug port is not printed [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-88] - Minor Improvement to DynamicInterceptor Monitoring class

  • [CUSTCOM-145] - Assign meaningful thread names

  • [CUSTCOM-146] - Parameterise CacheMap [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-147] - Improve dependency management of mockito [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-152] - Remove unused field debug from StartServerHelper [Community Contribution - pzygielo]

  • [CUSTCOM-187] - Display JVM Uptime in a friendlier format in the Admin Console [Community Contribution - bbulk]

Component Upgrade

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