Configurable JSF options

Since Payara Server 5.182

It is possible to specify a Payara specific JSF context parameter in web.xml, named fish.payara.faces.enableParallelInit.


When the fish.payara.faces.enableParallelInit context parameter is set to true some of the internal initialisation of Mojarra (the JSF implementation Payara uses) is performed in parallel. For this the platform fork/join thread pool is used, which is the same pool used for processing JDK 8 Streams in parallel.


Here’s an example that sets the option to true in web.xml:



The fish.payara.faces.enableParallelInit context parameter can be combined with the com.sun.faces.enableThreading one:


This is an existing (non Payara specific) parameter to also enable parallel initialisation, but in a slightly earlier stage of the initialisation process. As an payara specific implementation this will use the Platform Concurrency executor if there is one, if not it will create a single use executor with 5 threads.

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